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Falling with style

They didn’t study

A compilation of creative non-answers to test questions.


I said, “11”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with (or have forgotten, or never noticed) my blog-title shorthand: I post birthday notices with the celebrant’s age in the subject line. Jen turned 11 a week ago.

Here, we’ve dug up a few photos for comparison—a studio photo of Jen, flanked by a couple of relevant then-11-year-olds. I’m [...]

Is this thing on?

Can I have a quick roll call of readers, please? Who’s followed me here from the InkNoise blog?


Jen, 20 March 2007.

Wintry mix

It’s lightly raining, sleeting, and snowing, all at once.

You may have noticed

I’ve done a little work on the visual format of this here blog.

There’s still more to do, especially on the non-home pages—but it’s not a bad start, if I may say.

And yes, I’ll come up with new and better designs. Right now, styling this blog to match (and, in some ways, improve upon) the old [...]

Testing, testing

One more post here for testing.

Thing one. Thing two.

Again, nothing to see here—move along.


If the appearance starts going bonkers here, it’s because I’m experimenting with WordPress themes and making some modifications of my own.

Please stand by.

This is a blockquoted paragraph—it’s here so I can experiment with the layout. Nothing to see here! Move along.

Shift to the idiozeitgeist proper

I wasn’t going to make this site public until I’d transferred all my old blog posts from InkNoise, copied the photos as well, and reformatted everything properly—but why wait? I haven’t erased the old site, and since I can’t post new entries there, I might as well get something running here.

So! Here it is! Idiozeitgeist, [...]