March 21, 2007

Is this thing on?

Can I have a quick roll call of readers, please? Who’s followed me here from the InkNoise blog?


  1. (waves hands)

  2. Followed you here? Don’t be ridiculous. Why would anyone be following you? That’s just paranoid crazy talk. It’s just a meaningless coincidence that I happened to stumble upon this entry today, while… um… doing a Google search for… um… “quick roll.” Yeah. “Quick roll.” That’s all. Really. No one is following you.

  3. You kidding? I updated my blogroll days ago, dog.

  4. I am not and never have been here.

  5. I followed you over in a non-stalker kind of way.

  6. Yep, I followed you here. Better get that stalker restraining order filed… ;-)

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