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But my licks were so hot I made the teacher want to dance

We got Kels an Ion Audio iED01 electronic drum kit for $75 at Goodwill.

Now playing in my head: “Brandy”

The smooth-rocking ’70s classic by Looking Glass.

In the details

I’ve been subtly refining the blog layout and graphics lately. Has anyone noticed?

If not, then I suppose I’ve been doing it right.

Macworld keynote 2008: Live coverage

Time Capsule, iPhone improvements, iTunes Movie Rentals, MacBook Air, and a great new format for Macworld’s live coverage.

Macworld keynote 2008: My prediction

AT&T’s wireless data network will be brought to its knees when millions of iPhone users suddenly begin constantly reloading live-coverage web pages.

The McFeely Factor

Jen wanted a bell for his bike, so he and I went out today and got one. There’s a surprising number of wrong-looking bells these days.

Aikido boys

First class in their new gi. We’ve been attending for a couple of months now.

2 January 2008. Left to right: Mike Sensei, Kels, Jen, Daniel Sempai.