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There’s nothing else quite like the smell of Pirates

I was just out for a walk—braving the 100° New Jersey heat index for a little solitude after blowing most of the day debugging a problem somebody else created—and got caught in the rain. Florida-style rain, brief but vigorous, with sunlight. I stood under a tree, still getting hit by a handful of large raindrops [...]

Edison’s lesser-known formula

Success is 10% inspiration, 10% implementation, and 80% debugging.

iPhone grumbles

Thoughts before watching Apple’s iPhone Guided Tour:

The iPhone is available exclusively with AT&T/Cingular service. I’m distinctly unfond of Cingular, so I’m greatly unlikely to get an iPhone in the next couple of years.

Plus, I’ve been thinking about this lately: Despite all the hype about the iPhone, nobody has actually used and reviewed it. I have [...]

Safety Fez

A recent Fark Photoshop contest used an industrial safety poster as its source pic.

Warning! I repeat: Fark Photoshop contest. Not for young eyes or the easily offended.

Photoshop this safety poster

Pretty much everyone else (with the exception of Yugoboy) riffed on the many illustrative diagrams and their captions, but I was inspired by an exhortative graphic [...]

Happy birthday, Mom!

Kels, me, and Jen, 21 June 2007.

(Yes, I back-dated this entry. I didn’t use the time machine.)

Fresh boys in the gallery

I took a few photos of the boys on Saturday and put them in a new gallery.

Moods of the Boys, 9 June 07


EPCOT Central

One of my favorite blogs has reached its end.

EPCOT Central: Knowing When to Say When

EPCOT Central was written by a former (and anonymous) Disney corporate employee who treasured the original vision and mission of EPCOT Center—the theme park, not Walt’s planned-but-never-built City of Tomorrow—and sought to keep that vision in focus and observe how Disney’s [...]


Happy birthday, Kels!

Kels, 7 June 2007.

Force of habit

Thinking out loud here: Your brain encourages you to follow habits. Habits are generally a good thing because they enable us to accomplish tasks with minimized mental effort.

When you acquire a bad habit, however, it’s still a habit, and your brain instinctively discourages your not following it. The discouragement comes in the form of a [...]