June 8, 2007

EPCOT Central

One of my favorite blogs has reached its end.

EPCOT Central was written by a former (and anonymous) Disney corporate employee who treasured the original vision and mission of EPCOT Center—the theme park, not Walt’s planned-but-never-built City of Tomorrow—and sought to keep that vision in focus and observe how Disney’s changes to the theme park have deviated from that mission through the years, with suggestions on how to restore it.

The author, going by the moniker Epcot82, was clearly a kindred spirit to me. I posted a comment on that final page of his blog, then wrote him an email:

I’ve visited your blog every day since I discovered it, checking for new postings, checking for new comments. You did a great job. Certainly brought plenty of trolls and turkeys out of the woodwork in the comments, but I also feel as if I’ve glimpsed a community among the regular commenters who get the picture. You brought ‘em together.

I do plan to have a great time on October 1 at Epcot. Even if Disney doesn’t celebrate, I will. EPCOT Center deserves it.

He has no plans to take his blog offline, so it’ll still be there for some time. Very much worth reading, if you’re a fan of Epcot.

Thanks again, Epcot82.

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