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These are the voyages

I have begun watching Star Trek with my sons.

Well, what do you know, it disintegrated.

Odd wording in an iPad Photos application dialog.

Why the iPad isn’t widescreen: Exhibit A

Engadget reports that the JooJoo’s widescreen display is the wrong aspect ratio for web browsing in any orientation.

A brief history of paradigm

Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo reminds us that new computer interface paradigms have regularly met resistance from the old guard—and become the new standard. Bonus photo: Q and Data playing with an iPad.


I’ve been looking forward to this birthday.

6 April 2010.

Why the iPad isn’t widescreen

Because it’s also meant to be used in portrait mode.

It’s a life

I don’t think of my life as a career. I do stuff. I respond to stuff. That’s not a career—it’s a life!

Steve Jobs, interviewed by Stephen Fry.