June 23, 2007

Safety Fez

A recent Fark Photoshop contest used an industrial safety poster as its source pic.

Warning! I repeat: Fark Photoshop contest. Not for young eyes or the easily offended.

Pretty much everyone else (with the exception of Yugoboy) riffed on the many illustrative diagrams and their captions, but I was inspired by an exhortative graphic in one corner:

Safety is in your hands

Naturally, I saw Steely Dan.

Oh no.

(BTW, my favorite entry was bugdozer’s.)


  1. I want the Steely Dan on a T-shirt! Or a poster!

    (No, William S. Burroughs fans, not an actual Steely Dan.)

  2. And the Pink Floyd one.

    But definitely the Steely Dan one. I’d hang it in the foyer. Really, I would absolutely hang it in a place where everyone would see it before they saw anything else. I support local art!

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