March 14, 2007

Testing, testing

One more post here for testing.

  • Thing one.
  • Thing two.

Again, nothing to see here—move along.


  1. Is this some kind of clever “Cat In The Hat” reference?

  2. I dunno about “clever,” but I guess I obviously had Dr. Seuss in the back of my mind (and don’t we all?) when I was typing those bullet points.

  3. Last night I watched an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from season five, entitled “Triangle,” written by Jane Espenson, in which Anya and Willow are taking care of Giles’s magic shop while Giles is in the UK, and Anya is being kind of a negative control freak, and Willow says, “You’re the fish!” Before long she explains that she is comparing Anya to the fish in The Cat in the Hat—with which Anya is unfamiliar, being like a thousand years old and stuff and not really caught up on pop culture and stuff.

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