March 16, 2007

Wintry mix

When I walked out of my house today, it was sleeting.

When I briefly opened my window at the gas station to slip my credit card to the attendant, I got sprinkled with a shower of little ice pellets. (Why did I pull all the way to the forewardmost pump, sticking out from under the canopy, when the other two pumps were sheltered? Habit, habit.)

A few miles from the office, I started to feel the traction decrease—30 in a 45.

Once parked, I stepped out onto, practically speaking, a sheet of ice. It’s lightly raining, sleeting, and snowing, all at once.

Two days ago, it was in the low 70s.

In other news, my latest fuel efficiency calculation for my ‘98 Saturn SW2 is over 33 MPG. Not bad. I recently got new front struts and had the rear power windows fixed; everything’s in working shape. Well, except for the rear window washer nozzle, which just plain popped off (or was accidentally scraped off after one of the recent icings), but I’ve got a replacement on order and should be able to install it myself. Uh anyway my point is that I’m pleased to have a serviceable, relatively fuel-efficient car. And it’s still one of the best-looking, IMO.

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  1. Hey, mine ain’t bad either.

    Though you remind me, I gotta git my dang rear struts replaced!

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