March 13, 2007

Shift to the idiozeitgeist proper

I wasn’t going to make this site public until I’d transferred all my old blog posts from InkNoise, copied the photos as well, and reformatted everything properly—but why wait? I haven’t erased the old site, and since I can’t post new entries there, I might as well get something running here.

So! Here it is! Idiozeitgeist, powered by WordPress. I’ll be customizing the hell out of this if I have my druthers. Meanwhile…uh…here it is!

And, until I migrate all the content (i.e., “move all my old stuff here”…sorry, been working in the web business a little too long), here’s where most of the idiozeitgeist you know and love still resides:

Previously, redirected to that site. No more! This is the real thing now.

(I got the spam blocker set up, so comments should now work normally.)

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  1. It’s aliiiiive! Congratulations! (sits back, munches popcorn and waits for customizations)

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