October 19, 2007

Now playing in my head: “Computer Blue”

My favorite Prince song. Syncopation doesn’t get better than this. Awesome and far too short. I wish I had a clean track that didn’t crossfade into “Darling Nikki”—not that I dislike “Darling Nikki” at all, but sometimes “Computer Blue” is just exactly what I want.


  1. There must be something wrong with the machinery.

    (And thank you for introducing me to that album 22 years ago.)

  2. Yeah, I did that, didn’t I?

  3. “Baby I’m a Star” is exactly what I want, right now. And all the time. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. And you’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get the two-disc 20th Anniversary DVD of Purple Rain, which includes an extended live “I Would Die 4 U / Baby I’m a Star” video from the Purple Rain tour. That, my friend, is exactly exactly what you want.

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