October 22, 2007

I want to ride my bicycle

It is an absolutely, screamingly gorgeous day outside, sunny in the 70s, the leaves are turning autumn colors, my bicycle is waiting patiently in my car, and my shorts and sneakers are in a bag right next to me.

And I forgot my helmet. It’s at home.

I have an overwhelming moral imperative not to ride.

Could I survive on the bike path without the helmet? Of course. I’d do fine. But riding with a helmet is a practice I’ve established with great seriousness and intend to continue faithfully: for myself, so as to always have the helmet when it really is essential; for the kids who see me when I’m riding, to set a good example; and for my boys, because even if they can’t see me riding, they’re with me, and I’m not going to do the wrong thing.

Exasperating for the moment, but there are some standards you have to maintain.

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