May 3, 2011

Whence Osama

Fifty-four years ago in Saudi Arabia, a little boy was born.

His bright young mind was poisoned by a dogmatized rejection of common human dignity. He was molded into a conduit of hate. By the time he was killed by his enemies, he had become a wellspring of that poison.

I mourn the loss of the helpful person that little boy could have become, of the profound gift his talents could have been to the world. But that loss was long ago.

My answer to this crime, this cancer of the human spirit, this turning of life against itself, is a plan I have been executing for fifteen years.

I am raising my sons to be good people.


  1. In the late 80’s, the CIA has launched a project in Afganistan. Its main purpose is to put a limit (and an End, if possible) to the Soviet ambitious plans. This involved bombing Soviet interest where possible. Why ? because the US did not want to go in a war.

    The US then loses thousands of soldiers, spends billions of dollars and kills some million innocent people in Afganistan and Iraq in order to “kill the cancer”… the US had their war anyway.

    I mourn the loss of all the soldiers, civillians and the “Osama’s” that were used toto start..and..end this project.

  2. I hate the Americans when they talk about Osama. Take one of your country’s soldiers as an example instead.

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