September 9, 2009

It is decidedly not only rock and roll

It’s September 9 again.

Live coverage of Apple’s “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it” event this afternoon:

Steve Jobs is back, to a standing ovation, and encouraging everyone to register as organ donors.

New stuff in iTunes 9: Home Sharing—automatic sharing of content between local computers! Hallelujah! Genius Mixes, which throw similar songs into a playlist and sequence them intelligently (I think). Wow. The iTunes Store now has iTunes LP, which bundles artwork and liner notes and videos with albums. iTunes Extras includes special features with movies, too.

And, as everyone expected: updated iPods.

Video camera in the iPod nano. The nano? Yeah, the nano. Which also gets a speaker. And a microphone. And a pedometer. (Not surprising, since they’d already put an accelerometer in there.) And, yes, an FM radio. 8 gig for $149, 16 gig for $179. Gosh. This is gonna be huge.

But…no camera in the iPod touch? Awww. Well, at least it gets a bit faster, and the 16 gig is down to $199, and we now have 64 gigs for $399. The iPhone/touch 3.1 software update is free and includes Genius Mixes and a Genius for apps, which sounds interesting and dangerous. iTunes 9 lets you manage your apps in a much more comfortable interface. That’s cool.

Still, they really should have added a camera to the iPod touch. Embarrassing to have cameras in the iPhone and nano, but not in the touch.

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