July 25, 2008

Your Latest Twit

I’ve added a sidebar item to the Idiozeitgeist home page that displays my latest Twitter update. You can click the text to go to my Twitter user page, where you’ll see my older entries as well.

For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter: It’s an easy-to-use micro-blog web site. You can post an entry (“tweet”) using your computer or a cell phone text message. Because many wireless text services limit their messages to 140 characters, that’s the maximum length of a tweet—an often frustrating limit, but it forces you to pare your message down to its concise essence.

You can also “follow” other Twitter users, either by having their tweets show up on your home page or by having their tweets texted directly to your cell phone. Me, I don’t have time for that—dear god, I sure do have the attention span for it, but that’s exactly why I don’t enable it.

Anyway, perhaps this will slightly compensate for the paucity of updatingness I’ve been inflicting on all six of you.

Update, 16 August: The text of the tweet is no longer a link to my Twitter user page. Instead, I’ve added a bullet-item link (St. Chris), plus links to other users I regularly read. Within the tweet text, however, I have added some fancy parsing to automatically link any @references to Twitter users, plus search links for #hashtag items.

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  1. Good to know you’re on twitter. I’ve added you to my follow list so I’ll see your postings on my iPhone. I just signed up myself (I know, I’m slow to join these bandwagons), and hopefully I’ll post more there than I have on my blog / personal site.

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