March 20, 2008


Jen is 12 years old today!

Feel free to post a birthday greeting here, and I’ll make sure he reads ’em.

Jen at Howell Living History Farm, 19 April 2008.


  1. Happy birthday, Jen! Oh, and happy spring.

    It’s been spring for me for twenty days. In my world, spring begins on March 1. That’s how much I dislike January and February.

  2. Happy birthday, Jen!

    Hard to believe that it’s been ten years. Then again, it’s probably easier for you than it is for me. Anyway, hope you’re having fun and enjoying this momentous occasion in your life.

    • Scott
  3. Happy birthday, Jen! I hope you had a day full of fun and cake.

  4. I recently found a picture of you, tossed over my shoulder while you slept and when “12″ described your weight. And now, it’s been twelve years and a day and you’re no kid any more. But I’ll still be happy to carry you if you need it, as long as you promise not to upchuck on my shirt this time. Happy birthday, and remember that I love you.

    “Uncle” Greg

  5. Jen, I hope your special day was “the best”! I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! bubbe

  6. Gee, thanks everyone for the great comments and even remembering that it was my birthday! And Dad, thanks for posting it!

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