April 19, 2007

In brief

I decided to give myself the gift of better fitness for my 40th birthday—so, for my 39th birthday, I got a bicycle: a Giant Cypress.

My Giant Cypress

Thanks, Mom!

An inattentive driver hit my Saturn while I was driving to work last week, causing only (but, of course, expensive) cosmetic damage to the car, for which I’ve been going through the insurance rigamarole. The police officer who responded at the scene said the other driver was at fault. The repairs should cost me nothing.

It snowed heavily on the morning of April 16 in the town where I live; it mostly rained elsewhere along my morning commute. I drove to my damage-inspection appointment near Plainsboro and then got within about a mile-and-a-half of the office before encountering an impassable moat surrounding the town. I called my boss, who scolded me for forgetting my swim trunks and sent me back home. (Indeed, the governor had declared a state of emergency, and the roads on the way back were already close to flooding.)

I spent that afternoon making a “detective game” for the kids; I’ll eventually post a video.

Okay, that’ll do for now.


  1. Happy birthday, and hope you enjoy your bike!

  2. Phew. Not a picture of you in briefs. Not that there would be anything wrong with that really, I just, well, er (trails off mumbling).

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